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Papers based on results achieved using Peltsman Low Pressure Molding Machines

Low pressure injection moulding mass production technology of complex shape
advanced ceramic components
Advances in Applied Ceramics 2012 VOL 111 NO 5&6

Low-Pressure Injection Molding of Ceramic Springs (PDF)
Intl. Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 5 (2008)

Cerbide opts for low pressure powder injection moulding (PDF)
Powder Injection Moulding Intl., March (2008)

Advancing Components with Low-Pressure Injection Molding
Ceramic Industry, May 2006

Production of Silicon Carbide Pieces by Immersion of Silicon Preforms in Carbonaceous Powders (PDF)
J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 89 [4] 1266 ? 1272 (2006)

Forming Ceramic Tiles From Gels (PDF)
Castellon (Spain) Qualicer 2004

Aqueous injection moulding of porcelains (PDF)
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 23 (2003)

Ceramic microfabrication by rapid prototyping process chains (PDF)
Sadhana Vol. 28, Parts 1 & 2, February/April 2003, p. 307-318.

Development of a rapid prototyping process chain for the production of ceramic microcomponents (PDF)
Journal of Materials Science 37 (2002) 3127 ? 3140

A new partially isostatic method for fast debinding of lowpressure injection molded ceramic parts (PDF)
Materials Letters, vol.57, Issues 25-25, August 2003, p. 3784-3788.

A method for the measurement of powder distribution in green ceramic bodies (PDF)
Journal of Materials Science Letters, 22 (2): 107-109, January 15, 2003

Wax-based binder for low-pressure injection molding and the robust production of ceramic parts (PDF)
Industrial Ceramics, volume 23, n. 1, Jan-Mar., 2003

Hard-skin development during binder removal from Al2O3-based green ceramic bodies (PDF, 2.65 MB)
Journal of Materials Science, 37 (9) : 1801-1807, May 1 2002

When Big Oil Needs that Hardmetal Touch
Metal Powder Report, June 2002

Replication Techniques for Ceramic Microcomponents with High Aspect Ratios (PDF, 220 KB)
HARMST, June 17-19, 2001

Manufacturing of Ceramic Microcomponents By a Rapid Prototyping Process Chain (PDF, 520 KB)
Advanced Engineering Materials, N 1-2, 2001

Aqueous injection moulding of alumina using agarose (PDF)
Materials Letters 47, 2001.324?328

Aqueous injection moulding of silicon nitride (PDF)
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 20 (2000)

Low Pressure Injection Molding of Alumina Ceramics Using a Carnauba (PDF, 372 KB)
Wax Binder

Production of Complex Parts by Low Pressure Injection (PDF, 320 KB)
Molding of Granite Powders

Why Low Pressure Molding (LPM)?
Retco Tool Co. Inc.

Low Pressure Injection Molded Tungsten Carbide (PDF, 848 KB)
Retco Tool Co. Inc.

Low-Pressure, High-Solids Forming
Ceramic Industry, October 2000

Rapid Prototyping with Ceramics

Papers on low pressure molding

Ceramic Components Produced By Low Pressure Injection Molding

Low-Pressure Injection Molding of Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Composites

Low pressure injection molding of metal ceramic powder mixtures

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